Espa Stress Buster

Chakras are the seven subtle energy centres in the body, which affect our equilibrium and inner harmony. Recognised in both Ayurvedic and Chinese philosophies, blocked and congested Chakras can affect the body and mind both physically and emotionally: natural energies are stifled and the zest for life is lost or subdued.

After a full body exfoliation, this holistic treatment continues with the placing of stones along the spine at vital energy points, on hands and feet and on Chakras around the body. The body is massaged using individually tailored essential oils, combined with the use of hot stones to release tension. Critical tension points are massaged around the eyes and ears, followed by an acupressure head massage. This full body treatment ends with gentle stretching to help release deep-seated tension around the neck and shoulders, and leaves your body feeling soothed and your spirit calm.

(1hour 55 minutes)

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